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Artist's description:

"low quality screencaps bc my clip won’t let me save to dropbox rip rip rip.
sketch of #SonataDusk with fruit outfit [from citrus-sours @ tumblr]"
safe1601290 artist:rileyav604 sonata dusk12769 equestria girls185452 accessories905 adorasexy8705 beautiful5009 big eyes888 blushing180052 bracelet8236 clasped hands32 clothes420006 cute183760 dress40619 eyebrows visible through hair1009 eyelashes5413 hands together171 jewelry54060 kneesocks1007 legs7433 looking at you149901 ponytail16155 pose5103 purple background2555 purple eyes1886 sexy25941 shoulderless303 simple background354854 skirt36560 smiling221298 socks58575 solo992868 sonatabetes1054 stocking feet179 sweater13330 zettai ryouiki1738


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4 comments posted
Eric Draven

Victims, aren't we all?
So close to perfection, but the fingers on that hand are a little wonky.

Honestly though, Rileyav’s Sonata is just godlike.