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Commission for me
safe1637975 artist:chibadeer299 roseluck4889 earth pony223595 human148534 pony903701 behaving like a cat2044 blushing186251 chest fluff35392 collar30947 cute189434 cyrillic2011 ear scratch219 eyes closed86090 fluffy13542 hand8264 lying down13200 pet tag1604 pony pet730 prone24431 purring172 rosepet245 russian4049 translated in the description917 translation in description23


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Artist -

It's not my art. I am a customer, not an artist.
Artist ChibaDeer

The Commission for me in the desc. alone automatically makes it meant for artist:chibadeer. Not to mention the artist info behind the keyword.