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#SaveEquestriaGirls #BringbackequestriaGirls guarantee the show must go on this year 2021! https://t.co/UEcJ9GIm4X
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@Sweet Blast
No, they're two different people. The Save Equestria Girls guy actually liked the way FIM ended. If you see his twitter, he posts positive stuff about the finale.

Background Pony #1BB4
@The New Pony
No, they're being under-dramatic. This guy is a so toxic and so verbally violent that it can make anyone sick to their stomach.
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@The New Pony
@Sweet Blast
" Truly Disgusting" come on man your being over dramatic it's not that serious.

The "Trully disgusting" part isn't the fact that he's still liking EG, it's that the fact that he's constantly spams alot of threads and comments about his hatred towards finale and EQG comeback even if its barely related, and unprovoked confrontation towards other people for having different opinions and call to snap it out.

He's been banned in EQD and Reddits MLP sub, if you gonna ask.

Again, like EQG as they wish. But don't be deluded for thinking that Hasbro is your friend and DHX / Wildbrain still have ties to MLP. They're work is done, and the only think us have is the fandom and the IDW comics at least.
The New Pony

Im ah Beeeeaaast
While Equestria Girls as we know it like Friendship is Magic has definitively come to an end what we fans could realistically hope for is for G5 to get an Equestria Girls equivalent spin off series somewhere down the line. ;)
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i have question are you sure you want tags and filter was not needed?… but not just 1 tags.dude
people want need filter if someone not want see bad image.

delete every tags without reason?… hmm… thats suspicious.
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It's not an insult tag. It's there to show that the op refuses to let go of anything or move on, and removing it only furthers the point.
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