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Originally posted on: September 2, 2018, 3:54 AM UTC
Evening Spin [Revealed Aesthetic Adopt]
Finished aesthetic surprise for Cloud-Fly Dang I hope you like them cos I HECKA DO. If you ever need to resell please hit me up first! >8U

From this set, which still has a few open! Check em out!

Aesthetics Adopts quatro [4/15 open][setprice] by LavvytheJackalope
safe1726835 artist:lavvythejackalope705 oc697541 oc only455993 pegasus299946 pony987121 bipedal35353 clothes467102 collar33817 eyes closed95577 harness2073 pegasus oc12017 rearing5785 saddle2161 simple background400983 socks67412 solo1077950 striped socks21652 tack4752 tail wrap6609 transparent background205426 two toned wings3273 white eyes485 wings111320


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