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The Mane 6 in Generation 5?
The context is here: https://twitter.com/DaftRamms0/status/1507184831494594580

safe2114243 artist:daftramms99 applejack195915 fluttershy251681 pinkie pie249677 rainbow dash272492 rarity212634 twilight sparkle349383 earth pony421265 pegasus469550 pony1474914 unicorn510833 g41211696 g565280 applejack (g5 concept leak)264 colored wings12818 cute256449 earth pony twilight508 eyes closed133359 featured image1164 fluttershy (g5 concept leak)297 flying52609 g5 concept leaks1051 group7108 high res103100 mane six36770 mane six (g5 concept leak)87 multicolored wings5020 open mouth224479 open smile26053 pegasus pinkie pie494 pinkie pie (g5 concept leak)284 race swap20389 rainbow dash (g5 concept leak)252 rarity (g5 concept leak)195 sextet324 simple background567576 smiling375469 spread wings88036 twilight sparkle (g5 concept leak)274 unicorn fluttershy331 wings207000 yellow background2790


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@Just Wayne
Like what? Izzy is a unicorn, rather than a Pegasus. Pipp is a Pegasus, rather than a unicorn. The only thing that fits is Twilight, as she appears to be an Earth pony in the concept leaks, a trait that Sunny inherited.
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