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suggestive159692 artist:hyperstorm_h760 artist:marauder62721940 princess celestia100684 princess luna105025 alicorn253519 anthro292339 unguligrade anthro54575 belly button88781 big breasts96035 bikini20683 blushing221780 breast overpour266 breasts315396 breasts touching88 busty princess celestia11349 busty princess luna7885 clothes518724 digital art23194 female1500973 huge breasts44719 impossibly large breasts19012 looking at you196205 looking down10598 looking down at you844 low angle2304 mare557027 offscreen character39691 pov15775 royal sisters5178 siblings12269 side-tie bikini460 sisters11036 smiling297064 smiling at you9796 swimsuit32224


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Background Pony #470B
@Background Pony #6028
Roughtly translatex to “Oh my!” (Like in, “Oh my. What do we have here”!)
Usualy used by mature women when they see a younger prey they want to take care of ;)
Background Pony #470B
They have some very strong “Ara ara!” energy, and I’m so fine with that^^