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Background Pony #5967
I honestly agree that the IDW backstory for Nightmare Moon was stupid and should’ve been better thought out. I don’t remember much about the Sirens so I can’t say anything about them.
I take it that the “evil” Celestia you’re talking about is the one from the Reflections arc? Or are you referring to Daybreaker? If it’s the former, then I don’t consider the existence (or even the mere idea) of an alternate reality to be impossible.
What other draconequus-like creatures have popped up besides Cosmos and Eris? (Trying to remember)
As for other brands of ponies, specify? Side note, I might be forgetting something or misremembering so sorry in advance.
Background Pony #A5C2
@Background Pony #5967
Those can “exist” in-universe the same way disproving a negative works: even though they’re not ever shown on the show or even referenced, they’re not not shown, so maybe kinda [mental gymnastics nonsense here].
As for not being possible, how about the IDW’s version of Nightmare Moon’s backstory (or even the Sirens), or Evil Celestia (like that entire plot line), or yet another draconequus-like creatures that keep popping up, or other brands of ponies never mentioned on the show?
Background Pony #5967
@Background Pony #A5C2
To be fair, characters from the comics who have never been seen on the show can be assumed to exist in-universe. As for characters who aren’t possible, got any examples?
Background Pony #A5C2
I wouldn’t put my faith in a comic series that revived Sombra and made him a good guy for the show to also revive him and he’s still completely evil, then try to tack on their glorified fanon onto the show by calling it Season 10 when it has comic characters that aren’t possible or have never been seen on the show.
And if we’re gonna have a scene from a comic book, we might as well include their diary that you can buy as a book, wherein the Princess worthy thing they did was when Celestia used the spell to make it morning and Luna did the same for night on their own without losing any of their magic and instead were recharged, earning their cutie marks while they were teenagers.
Background Pony #A5C2
But that’s what the TV show said, and whatever it says is canon. The comic is only “canon” until it contradicts the show, which is something Hasbro, the show directors and writers, and even the people working on the comic, have said multiple times.
Celestia and Luna said there has never been anypony born as an alicorn on the show, so that’s canon.
Background Pony #27F4
Oh god it continued.
I love terrible puns too much not to do so.

I’m so glad I subscribed to this thread. These little comics are great!
Always good to hear. I worry I get carried away at times.

Speaking of…

“I’ve been meaning to ask you something. What exactly do baby dragons eat?”

“Honestly, he’ll chew on almost anything, given half a chance.”

“Why, just the other day he ate an entire clock!”

“Oh my goodness! Is Sparky ok?”

“Oh yeah, he’s fine. But it was very time consuming.”

Background Pony #A5C2
If you mean there hasn’t been an alicorn born “in years,” then you’d be wrong.
Celestia says it has never been seen, and Luna says it’s beyond their understanding.
I think it’s safe to say they’re the experts regarding Alicorns.