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Original Description from DA:
I actually wanted to get a comic out next, though it didn’t quite work out. When I get the urge to draw Spartans, I just gotta draw Spartans mang. Next on the drawing block was Murky anyway so I used her.
But I wanted to give the Yoroi Spartan armour featured in Infinite a go, which meant going anthro. Yoroi is like an alternative universe armour, made in a universe where the dominant culture of humanity in the Halo Universe is like Feudal Japan or something, and thus the military reflects that. So, the Spartans are considered Samurai warriors. Don’t know how I feel about AU Halo’s being canon, seems like a cop out. However, Yoroi armour is goddamn badass.
I think it may take over Murky’s default Spartan armour I give her, which was also had Japanese design influences. I think that style is right up her street, you know?
If you’re curious, she’s wearing the Yoroi core with Dragonbark right shoulder, Gatekeeper left shoulder, default chest, Petal-Polished wrist attachment, default equipment, Petal-Polished knee pads and Blue Steel coating.


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