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Originally posted on: January 13, 2023 at 11:02 AM UTC
Princess Nymphadora
One of my dearest next gen princess.
She is daughter to Queen Celestia and King Scorpan.
{Next Gen}~ Nymphadora by PurpleGrim40
Nymphadora is one of the oldest kids in my Next Gen verse, almost reaching the age of 36.
Small bio~
Name- Princess Nymphadora, Nymph, Dear, Your/Our Highness, M’lady, Dora (Family/Friends)
Parents- Queen Celestia of Equestria, King Scorpan of the Outlands
Age- 35, almost 36
Occupation- Princess of Equestria, soon to be crowned
Cutie Mark- Golden goblet adorned with jewels
Orientation- Pansexual
Mate- Paddie Hoofs
  • Nymphadora is the oldest child in the royal family, and adored soon to be ruler of Equestria. Her graceful and quiet nature give her an approachable personality, though no one has ever heard her talk, which has given ponies the right to spread rumors that she might be mute. But these allegations have been discarded by her family and her workers, and she is actually a well mannered and well spoken royal mare. Although she might look snobbish and a bit too confident, her workers, as they say, “… is as humble as a town pony worker could be, with words that feel as warm as the sun and soft as honey itself”.
  • Although many not see or hear her talk much, she can be most often, if not all the time, be seen drinking tea. Oh bless Queen Celestia if you tell her you don’t want to have tea and biscuits with her. Tea in the morning with breakfast made by her mother, tea in the afternoon with biscuits, tea in the evening in her daily studies, and one last tea with dinner as her cousins wake up for their night.
  • Her cousins Noctus and Moon Flower are her favorite ponies by far, and every chance she gets to be with them, even if its just for an hour before she goes to bed, are worth it for her. Being an only child, part of her childhood was spent in loneliness and just over all surrounded by the workers and maids. So when she finally knew what a baby was and where it came from, she would incessantly ask when would Auntie Luna have a baby. “Can be a foal or filly, I’m not picky” would small her say. Then the day came when the news that Auntie Luna and Uncle Magnus would have a baby, she was enthusiastic. She would follow Luna around like a puppy and ask a bunch of questions, the most popular one would be “When is it gonna come out to play?”. Still being a filly, Nymphadora was a constant opinion maker on what they would do for the baby. Short legged cradle so she could watch over it, toys, lots of them, tea parties, oh and their room would be next to hers. When Noctus was eventually born, Nymphadora was ecstatic and amazed at the same time. She didn’t get to see the baby first, but when she did she was over the moon. And of course the same reactions repeated when it was announced Luna was pregnant for a second time. And this time, with Moon Flower being born, she was as happy as a child could be. Two cousins she could be with, hang out with, read fantasy stories with, and have tea parties with was all she could ever ask for. She is especially overprotective of Moon Flower, being how she is so young, Nymphadora feels like an older sister rather than a cousin. Of course, she doesn’t leave Noctus behind, as they both enjoy reading sessions or playing board games.
  • As graceful as she is, she is a very sportive mare, and enjoys watching competitions and outdoor activities. She enjoys golf, race flying, sparring, and magic duels. Even though it is an obligation to attend some events, as per to build an image to her subjects, she does it more out of love for the sport and relate to her people.
  • Being the oldest is not easy, as she will be the first in thousands of years to take the throne after Celestia. And yes, after Nymphadora is crowned Princess, Celestia will retire from her post of royal duties. She will still have the title of Queen (only after her daughter is crowned again) and will still raise the sun, but will only serve as a royal advisor for her daughter. Scorpan, being older than Tirek, is still King of the outlands, so Celestia’s and Scorpan’s marriage serves as a truce between both lands.
well that was a bit long lol it has been a while since I brought you guys something like this. I honestly feel like I miss drawing next gen scenes, rather than doing comics since they take me so long to do. I have been wanting to rather write my next gen story with an illustration and a small piece of story but I feel like a failure by not continuing my Rainbow Dash comic. And since you guys have been itching for me to continue my next gen story, tell me what you guys think, I would really love to hear what your thoughts are~
Do not use/trace!
Hope you guys like it~
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