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Originally posted on: January 16, 2023 at 3:50 AM UTC
{BC}~ Discord x Flutter Shy
Breeding Chart adopt for
Only the owner can use this design!
Breeding Chart~
{Breeding Chart}~ Villains X Elements~ Open by PurpleGrim40
Do not use/trace!
Hope you like it~
safe1995817 artist:purplegrim40686 discord35172 fluttershy240631 oc849627 draconequus17434 hybrid26840 pegasus417029 pony1348535 collar42271 draconequus oc2054 female1625967 interspecies offspring9314 mare630814 offspring47184 parent:discord4064 parent:fluttershy6095 parents:discoshy1405 paws6362 simple background512583 underpaw1979


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