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Tightlight Sperrkle
#I like how her hair turned out :0 #her final alicorn design kind of bothered me so I decided to do a quick redesign thing

safe2186183 artist:gothamsfinestdummy10 twilight sparkle359535 alicorn316840 pony1615314 g42042532 alternate design6263 colored eyelashes1559 concave belly6699 crown30213 ethereal mane13611 ethereal tail2233 female1815961 gradient background25935 hoof shoes9928 horn196709 jewelry114631 long horn1636 long legs1341 looking at you261973 looking back87378 looking back at you30000 mare749862 multicolored mane5042 multicolored tail3525 older40362 older twilight4394 older twilight sparkle (alicorn)3876 one wing out821 partially open wings2320 peytral7696 princess shoes1310 profile8378 purple coat882 purple eyes6244 redesign4749 regalia36856 shiny mane797 shiny tail212 signature45009 smiling401479 solo1435763 sparkly mane1321 sparkly tail722 tail103707 tiara7096 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150090 unicorn horn1187 wavy mane685 wavy tail315 wingding eyes41243 wings226038


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