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"Toys by day, guardians by night, we were betrayed by the humans we had sworn to entertain… frozen in plastic by a magic spell for a thousand years! …Now here in Manhattan, the spell is broken, and we live again!" Dun dundundun dunnn dun dun dun…
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Of course I watched the previous 3 seasons. Probably everyone on this site has.

See, you tell me there is no vendetta against Pinkie, and then you go ahead contradict yourself. You can have a vendetta against a character you like. You’re obviously doing it. No one would have made that observation without something to base it off.

Pinkie isn’t always terribly sensitive to other’s feelings. See Cranky, Party of One, The Last Roundup, et al. Remember the phrase "Pinkie Pie, you’re SOOO random!" Well, she’s still random, only difference is it’s genuinely funny instead of being quirky for the sake of establishing a character. The only rule she ever needed follow is the Rule of Funny.
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It wasn’t about what she said but how she said it. she went up a pole got a megaphone and basically shouted "HEY CHECK OUT THIS BALD GUY LOOK AT HIS BALDNESS!" that’s not cool at all.
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