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safe1589467 artist:lumineko2731 trixie62767 equestria girls182222 blushing178139 clothes414527 cookie3325 cute180940 diatrixes2840 eating8791 female933643 food61818 jacket10991 lumineko is trying to murder us61 nom2900 raised eyebrow6222 signature19262 smiling218575 smug5186 solo982480 stars13704


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Trixie: "This cookie is to die for!"
Sunset Shimmer: "You're wrong, Trixie!"
Trixie: "Trixie's always wrong!"
The Rainbooms: "TRIXIE!"
Trixie: "Oh just let Trixie eat, b*tch!"

Meanwhile in Pony!Equestria,

Stopped caring
Is she still tsundere? I thought she was moe now? Or is that just Sunset? Is Discord still chaotic neutral, or only when he's not Fluttershy's boyfriend? I can't keep track of all these reformed villains!
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Trixie eating something that isn't burnt toast, peanut butter crackers or pine cones? What witchery is this?