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safe2040990 artist:superedit120 edit161896 edited screencap83810 screencap272579 moondancer5714 twilight sparkle340508 alicorn287040 pony1394157 unicorn475944 amending fences1378 season 53030 adventure in the comments1326 animated116189 bedroom eyes75345 bipedal45411 blue mane2653 blushing248309 bush4003 clothes581956 crying52109 cute245386 cutie mark51624 daaaaaaaaaaaw6098 dancerbetes443 discovery family1214 discovery family logo11954 duo132988 eyes closed126434 female1661572 floppy ears66970 gif43721 glasses80787 grass13487 hnnng2674 horn127675 hug34797 kiss edit79 kiss on the lips5191 kissing29950 lesbian111628 long mane5277 mare652447 multicolored mane3444 outdoors17253 pink mane1755 purple mane1324 red mane1015 shipping236863 smiling350376 spread wings81113 surprise kiss1115 sweater18030 sweet dreams fuel1954 tail75995 teary eyes6108 the great and powerful superedit62 twiabetes14322 twidancer345 twilight sparkle (alicorn)141849 wide eyes19165 wings189412 wink30682


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Background Pony #EB31
@Doerian Roentoeh
This video just took existing edits and compiled them into one video (without crediting any of the creators of the original edits, yay)
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Background Pony #0270
@Rainbow Dash is best pony
No, that YouTube video is just a collection of these edits. These edits predate the video and I don’t think whoever made the video has anything to do with the person who made the edits.