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Coloured version of >>969188
suggestive129854 artist:liggliluff171 artist:tolpain265 apple bloom46839 scootaloo49093 sweetie belle46667 anthro234069 adorabloom2476 annoyed5058 belly button68955 blushing178107 clothes415287 covering3773 cross-popping veins1393 cute181464 cutealoo2585 cutie mark crusaders18112 diasweetes2627 embarrassed10315 embarrassed underwear exposure782 female1228199 fetish35497 foalcon16644 frilly underwear4123 heart43635 heart print underwear537 mary janes1080 panties46373 panty fetish24 panty shot664 pink underwear3764 school uniform6736 school uniform fetish86 skirt36206 skirt flip207 skirt lift4514 skirtaloo152 underwear55790 upskirt5392 vector71383 wavy mouth3277 wind1084 windy96 young1332


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Background Pony #2AC2
Maybe you can design Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon and Cozy f___ing Glow like this, too!
Background Pony #C039
(wolf whistle)

All: Oh, you pervert!

(Scootaloo shouted defiantly, Apple Bloom squealed in embarrassment, ans Sweetie Belle sang in a cute and flirty tone.)
Background Pony #C039
Let me guess! Cutie Mark Crusaders Marilyn Monroe Impersonators? (chuckles)
Background Pony #C039

Well, I personally like windy days for hot girls in skirts. It really shows a lot of natural appeal, seeing their panties being exposed, this way.
Background Pony #C039
You have a real fetish for schoolgirls and having their skirts blown up in the wind, now do you?
Background Pony #C039
Sweetie Belle: Hey! I remember Big Sis saying this happened to her, Miss Dash and your big sis too, Apple Bloom~!

Apple Bloom: Yeah! And Pinkie Pie just blurted out that she, Twilight and Fluttershy had this problem, too!

Scootaloo: Yikes! Why would Rainbow of all ponies wear a skirt! She hates them just as much as I do!
Background Pony #C039
Scootaloo: See? This is why I hate wearing skirts!

Sweetie Belle: I dunno, Scoots~! If Rarity enjoys moments like this, then I kinda like them, too.

Apple Bloom: Girls, can we discuss this AFTER we get to class?

Yeah, prolly option D. I should have elaborated on option C though, with the "seeing Big Sis like this…" Meaning she's done witnessed Rarity enjoying showing off/playing with her "undercarriage" before, so its just something that people do for fun…😂
Background Pony #D194
I thought it was more the direction of the wind. It hit Scootaloo first, so she has had time to rezct to it, Apple Bloom is just starting to react and Sweetie Belle has noticed it enough to blush, but hasn't reacted to it yet. Or that the wind went for the back, so she pushed her skirt down only for the wind to target the front.

Sweetie Belle seems to either A) not be paying attention, B) enjoying the cool breeze, or C) has seen Big Sis enjoy moments like this, so it's okay for it to happen…