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TFW I realize that I am completely inexperienced with drawing profile views of faces without them looking masculine.

(Image is censored because while nothing in the pic itself is NSFW, it's part of a larger pic that is.)

Please halp!
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Yeah me either. Hope you figure it out. Trust me, even with me basing things directly off another source, I still struggle to make it look good. Maybe that's just my own incompetence, but I'm currently working on a 'back' view and it's rather complicated, mainly as I put in more detail than EQG proper does. Also asses, how do they work.
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!
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I have been drawing, bu tdue to a lack of a camera, I don't really have a way to show it to you all.

but every time I draw my first OC (not wolf girl) he ends up lokking more like Binah from lobotomy corporation and I never realized it until now
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