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OC Thread (Non-MLP Edition)

Started by mjangelvortex
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Funny you should mention that, because in a manner of speaking, you’re right.

In the story, there are artifacts called Rings of Power which give their wearers incredible abilities. Elizabeth’s Ring,
Balor (not actually hers- its complicated) gives her the power to shoot beams of light from her eyes that can bend at impossible angles and incinerate anything they hit, and was directly inspired by Darkseid’s Omega Beams.
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For the last few months, I’ve been working on OC concept ideas for a supporting cast that includes family members.

Recently, a build-up of issues including my own relations has made me consider scrapping ALL plans relating towards my characters having ANY mentioned family.

This would, however, subtract HUGELY for a few character’s backstories and motivations, but at this point, the very concept of family fill me with so much spite and resentment that thinking about writing families physically sickens me.
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I was just looking for this. Here is my Persona 5 OC

Name Nikky Gardener
Codename Cobolt
Arcana Wheel of Fortune
Persona Pandora.
Mellie weapon Naginata
Gun type Rifle.

An American that came with her mom when she moved to Japan. At first, she was happy with the move but she always feels out of place. I note the role that Americans have to be blonde in Japanese media but she’s a redhead with blue eyes. She normally covers up in an oversized brown hoddie.

Her Phantom thief form is physically different I’m picturing something along the lines of a magical girl with a butterfly motif and her hair turns pink.
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