Proper Etiquette to Drawing OC's

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I've been wondering. Whats the proper way to go about drawing other peoples OC's. I assume the proper way is you just ask the owner if its alright to draw their character. What if I drew a popular character, and I only drew it in situations similar to other art it is in?

Also, what about meme characters? For example, the internet browser ponies. Would I have to hunt down the creator of them for permission? Or could I just draw them as much as I want because they are meme characters?

I know its not like I am gonna get sued over it or anything, I just wouldn't want to come across as rude and upset anyone.
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Generally ask the owner. If you are drawing a gift, and the owner doesn't specify anywhere on their page that they don't wish their OC drawn by others, and provided you're drawing a similar scenario, that is the only case where you may draw without permission.

As for the popular OCs (such as Fluffle Puff, Blackjack, etc), you generally can draw them, unless again their creator explicitly forbids you from drawing them.

In the end of the day, the booru has no real takedown rules for OC owners, so draw what you wish, but beware that the art may still be taken down if it's in violation of Rule #0.
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