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Vent thread

Lord WyrmSpawN
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Lingering Wyvern
I feel like these days there’s this kind of thinly veiled psychotic hatred towards ideals of decency, seeing them as universally oppressive.
Think of it as glowering and jumping off a cliff because a sign tells you not to.
And yet, this hatred brings itself out in full force when the effect of lacking these senses of decency come to their natural conclusions, i.e. splattering all over the ground. And no one can come to even the most obvious conclusions, whether it be reading the sign or just not fucking jumping.
At some point, not stupidity nor evil can explain this state of affairs.
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*In Sean Strickland’s voice* Here’s the thing you guys: Publicly saying you’re leaving the Internet for good just because it’s too toxic basically means you are being an attention seeker. Do it gently and quietly into the night without acting like some bratty little girl in her little tiara throwing tantrum because her star power in the ballroom is dimming.
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Lily Fathom
All night in the lab “Sigh!”
Did an all night thing working on my synth. It being too cold out I put my wood working projects on hold.
The last thing I was determined to get done to make all this worth it? Making a +-5 rail for my power supply.
Transformer supossed to spit out 12vac. However, after going into the bridge rectafier I get 18vdc. Which means 9vdc in refference to ground. I used MFOS variabal schematic.
I got it to work, but only to 6.04vdc. One volt off my mark. However, I may have overheated a resister on an adj pin. Needless to say the night was kind of a waste. Only 3 hours of sleep before work.
I suppose I could try again on another board. Same circuit, but only to see if I get different results. Before anyone asks… its the same circuit as MFOS Variable Supply 9vdc to 15vdc.
Just using 12vac instead of a 24vac. Center tap is refferenced to ground. Not sure why I am getting 18vdc off the bridge rectafier though. That and I did not have a 240 ohm resister for the rc part. So I substituted 270 ohm. I suppose this might be my first place to look for trying to reach +-5vdc.
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Hbomberguy’s 7m views, 3 hours videos on plagiarism on Youtube has been eye opening.
The subject and content of the video be making me slightly upset but I’ll get over it by dinner.
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