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MY DYING BRIDE ‐ Crushed Embers
(Doom Metal/Gothic Metal/Death Metal)
Of course, nothing is perfect, and sadly, their new album A Mortal Binding is no exception. I might appear as a fanboy, but actually, I can point out the defects of the things I enjoy, and in this case, the ending song of the album is probably the biggest defect.
Don’t get me wrong: Is not a bad song, and I actually like it. The problem is, it ends abruptly. Is like nothing happened, it simply ends, without any warning. For a moment, the song is flowing naturally, and in one second, nothing. Only silence. Considering the band has done excellent ending songs previously, and they had experience with Your Woven Shore (A really epic instrumental ending song from their previous album, The Ghost of Orion) it shocks me how the band choose to throw all their experience doing ending songs to the trash, and give us a dry and abrupt end.
The only solace I find in this situation, is the fact this might be a subliminal message done by the band, to tell is this is not the end, and they still have music to give. But considering the lyrics are a poem narrating about a woman fading away from her place among the living, I’m having a huge cognitive dissonance here.
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The Adverts - One Chord Wonder, Bored Teenagers, On The Roof, Newboy, No Time To Be 21, Safety In Numbers and Great British Mistake
From the English (From London) Punk band’s 1978 debut album, “Crossing The Red Sea With The Adverts”, an absolute classic and Punk essential. Why d’you think I picked out 7 whole tracks? It kicks hard ass (and so does the band’s female bassist Gaye Advert in particular)
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