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The Frowning Pony

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Don’t be an asshole  
Link to on-site images with >>#t or >>#p  
Don’t be an asshole  
Preface NSFW topics with “NSFW”  
Don’t be an asshole  
Preface NSFW comments in SFW threads with “NSFW” and use [spoiler]spoiler tags[/spoiler]
“Don’t be an asshole” refers to:  
→ Don’t call people ’faggots’, ’cucks’, ’kikes’, ’nazis’, ’fucktards’, ’assmunchers’, ’cockgarglers’. long etc.  
→ Don’t bait people into moronic text wars that derail whatever x-fetish thread  
→ Don’t bite down obvious bait like a moron and help derail threads  
→ Don’t spam or shitpost; if the thread’s about frilly underwear, don’t post trucks, etc. (unless it’s trucks in frilly underwear)
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