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Zelda is kinda awful to play in Melee too compared to Sheik too. Kinda awful there are instances where her awfulness is okay. But overall Sheik is better.
That’s why whenever I play Zelda in adventure mode or anything like that I switch to Sheik or in Brawl I switch to Sheik in the Subspace.
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Someone went to the trouble of putting in Gruntilda roasts for the Spiral Mountain stage in Ultimate

This is a gimmick I really wish was actually used in the game
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Somehow during the last Spirit Board event (“Get N or Get Out”, which focuses on spirits from N64 games, bonus is 6.4x experience after battle) I got the bonus even for non-N64 focused spirits like Leon…unless it’s because he was in Resident Evil 2 on N64.
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Ordinarily I don’t really like to play online as I always get mixed up with Kirbycides, but I promised myself I would get these challenges done before the service shuts down years from now:
  1. Use at least 30 different fighters in Quickplay.
  2. Complete 200 Quickplay battles.
  3. Participate in 10 arena battles.
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Yeah, I’m just gonna go back to my original plan of looking for 1-on-1 non-Twitch arenas. Seriously, there’s three I’m finding that advertise the same streamer, how the hell is that possible?!
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