Pokemon General [SFW, No NSFW]

Background Pony #83CE
First things first though; I should go find the other four trainers (Riley, Buck, Marley and Mira).
Background Pony #83CE
Actually I think I’m gonna take a break from Shining Pearl and focus on other Switch games, the album is feeling empty.

The Hell?
Did Huey tell Newtwo about when Mew kidnapped him? Since he probably remembers that.

I don’t think he actually told her what he saw, he just remembers it was weird. newtwo needs no reminding because the only reason she needs to remember it is because she royally freaked out XD
If Mew can’t bring Pig to the Legendaries, they can just bring the Legendaries to Pig.

This does raise the question…
What does Delilah think of all those giant Legendaries on her frontlawn, probably squishing her flowers?

“You’ll be helping me replant all of those flowers!”
Will Pidge be able to break out of Mews Time-Out bubble?
I mean…. Baby is a Ghost type •3•

with absolutely no effort XD

The Hell?
Now that each of the twos has a child to sleep beside who does Mew snuggle with? It seemed to always pick their son on account of it being lonely

mew will mix it up between them, since it’s best mew doesn’t make Newtwo feel like Mewtwo is the favoured child again by always being with him
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