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...No offense,but I'm getting a little tired of all the GHZ hate. (It'd be like hating the Mushroom Kingdom.) Feels like a new trend in the fanbase, like when it was "cool" to hate green eyes...

I admit, it's a bit overused, and overadvertised, but honestly it's still a pretty iconic and fun Sonic stage, and honestly every Sonic game starts off with a GHZ-like stage, even this one apparently.
Emerald Hill, Emerald Coast, Splash Hill Zone, Angel Island Zone, Seaside Hill, they're all similar to GHZ, and nobody hates them.
Heck, Seaside Hill from Sonic Heroes had alot of apearances too for awhile. Like in the tennis and racing games.

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New Super Mario Wii had similar complaints and it was only $49.99.
It does seem a bit expensive honestly, it should be $50 or $40 if they want it to sell well.

Even Sonic Mania+ physical was only $30.
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