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After about two weeks, I’ve finally beaten Sonic Frontiers.
I’m gonna say it. This was the best Sonic game I’ve played since Generations.
It’s not without its flaws. The graphical shortcomings could get really annoying, the Cyberspace levels were too janky for my taste, Chaos Island was complete and total ass-cheeks, and the secret final boss “The End” was extremely underwhelming and left a lot to be desired.
Despite it all, I had loads of fun with it. Chaos Island aside, I had a blast traversing around the open world as Sonic (finding new ways to get from one point to another), the story and dialogue are among the best of the entire series, the character models/animations looked fantastic (y’know, when they weren’t just standing still in most of the cutscenes), and I got a kick out of all the nods to previous games that were inserted in.
And those bosses, man. Aside from the final one, they went all in for each and every one of them. Words cannot describe the amount of hype and sheer child-like joy I felt when Sonic turned Super against the first titan, and “Undefeatable” started blaring out from my TV. And that carried over to all the other normal bosses as well.
Overall, while it’s not perfect, I really enjoyed my time with this game, and I sincerely hope Sonic Team and Sega continues to refine this formula to it’s absolute peak. You made something that has potential guys, now please don’t f##k it up.
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Apparently with sonic frontier the full final boss is only available in Hard mode.
You can switch during game play So you don’t have to play the entire game in hard
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There should be more MLP Frontiers art to fill up the Sonic Frontiers tag!
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I’m tempted to make that “MLP Frontiers” in the RP forum, but I fear it’ll get ignored…
It’s also on Steam.
Though, frankly, I have trouble just running Sonic Generations (a decade old game) on my comp sometimes…
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So basically Tails can run as fast as Sonic with his tails, and Knuckles can use his leg muscles quickly? Am I understanding how they’re able to keep up with him in early games (and the movie)?
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