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Stupid stuff that comes to mind that we want to post

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I want coffiee
Me: Cassuely thinking about a Mystery D&D campaign. Okay, so the Suspects are Rose Hariningting the Succubi, Flint McCool the palladian chief of security, Charmain Sandago, Rarity, Amelia Bedelia, and the Vicum herself” maybe I’m getting sidetracked in my strangeness.
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I am a stupid person
I can think of a good way to filter people at a wedding:
It occurs to me that in a wedding invitation there is a balloon (uninflated) and that this is the invitación, taking as an excuse to make an arc of balloons with each of those who attend.
So you should know how to inflate a balloon, you could use an air pump or ask someone else to inflate it for you, but that’s not special, so guests who don’t want or can’t inflate that balloon simply can’t attend the wedding.
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The Raymond J Johnson Jr. bit was the “Like a Boss” of its time.
Mr. Johnson, thanks for coming to your performance review.
No problem.
So we don’t have to call you “Johnson”. Is that fair to say?
Absolutely. My name is Raymond J Johnson Jr.
Okay, so take us through what we can call “Raymond J Johnson Jr.”
Well the first thing you can do is:
Call me Ray! (Like a boss)
Call me Jay! (Like a boss)
Call me Johnny! (Like a boss)
Call me Sonny! (Like a boss)
Call me Juny! (Like a boss)
Call me Rayjay! (Like a boss)
Call me RJ (Like a boss)
Call me RJJ (Like a boss)
Call me RJJ Jr. (Like a boss)
Uh huh. So those are the names people can call you?
No doubt.
You let people call you Sonny?
Hell yeah.
And I think you said something about RJJ Jr?
Actually I’m pretty sure you did.
Nah, that ain’t me.
Okay, well this has been eye-opening for me.
You don’t have to call me Johnson.
Yeah, I got that. You said that four hundred times.
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The United States Supreme Court of Justice says that the hot dog is a sandwich, but it depends on the definition of sandwich.
Yes, the United States Supreme Court of Justice.
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