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Stupid stuff that comes to mind that we want to post

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I don’t see why not. Imagine that Mouse Nun is dual-wielding Laser Comfeys. You gonna tell me that looks less insane?
(They’re 4 in/10 cm each, so you can easily hold one in each hand.)
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Have a day
Speaking of Digimon, there’s a reason they don’t have many reptilian final bosses. They know the lizard people aren’t a fan of that, and don’t want to upset potential customers unnecessarily.
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Except Commiefornia is overtaxed, overpriced and overregulated and they won’t let you open-carry a gun.
Nevada and Arizona are far more inexpensive in every way and you can open-carry there.
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Apples and Pears
……There’s a gun store in literally every corner of greater LA. It’s easier to get a gun in LA than to buy a home even with Cali’s “draconian” restrictions.
Also, “Commiefornia”? I guarantee you three-quarters of California Dems in the legislature either have an account with or took donations from Silicon Valley Bank. And that’s not getting into their idolatry of Ronald Reagan.
But that’s for a different thread….
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

birb bug horse
I sorta fell out of modern pokemon around sword and shield (I was cheesed about the national dex fiasco) so much so I didn’t know they added some cool new ponies aside from galaran ponyta.
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There’s probably never going to be a site that can dethrone YouTube, for two reasons:
  1. The WoW-Killer problem: All my liked videos and favourite content creators are already on YouTube. That’s where I reflexively click when I need something to watch. I’m probably not going to have two video sites to check.
  2. Whatever you want to say about YouTube, the algorithm knows me really well. Even if another site had as much content as YouTube, it would take years before it could recommend me things as well as YouTube can.
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