MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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One thing I do believe about G5 is that the pressure is on Meghan McCarthy. This is going to be the show that defines her career, and she doesn’t want to let her fans down. I know she loves the fans of MLP, and she wants to give them something good for G5. If she doesn’t, it’s going to hurt her, and Hasbro will have a massive financial hemorrhage. So I wish her the best of luck.
I’m still chomping at the bit to hear more about it.
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Considering how far FiM went, G5 is going to be more kid-friendly.
That’s going to be one thing I’m going to hate about G5. But yet, I’m still optimist about the future of G5.
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Traditional toys sales have been on a steadily declining. With choice of distribution outlets becoming increasingly narrow following the demise of Toys R Us. And with the airwaves now more saturated with numerous competing animations. I don’t think the stars will align for G5 as it did for G4 that helped it blossom into a pop culture phenomenon of this decade..  
It’s just going to be another generic talking animal series.
Lets just say it will not be a favourable environment for G5 at the rate stuff is going by the time G5 arrives.
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When do you think we’ll get official word from Hasbro about G5? Do you think we could get some next year, or is that too early?
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I don’t think there’s been anything after the huge leak, but the idea seemed to be that, at the time of the leak or at the time that the leaked documents were written, the people working on G5 were fans of having Twilight as an earth pony, unconvinced by a pegasus Pinkie Pie and more ambivalent on a unicorn Fluttershy. Or something like that – it’s been a while since I read that stuff.
I do generally want to say – and this is only tangentially related to your post, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about and this seems like the right thread for it – that I don’t think the stuff we have about G5 is as hard and definite as it’s been treated. It’s mostly concept art and exploration, sort of the equivalent of this stuff – material that sometimes was wildly different from the finished result. The leak was two years ahead of the planned release for G5, and hell, two years before the movie came out the Storm King looked like this – a lot, including major things, can change over two years of work. It’s entirely possible for entire concepts or characters to be scrapped before release, or that major changes and introductions will be made between that blasted leak and 2020 – such things are not exactly rare in the process of constructing a new work, its story and its world and characters.
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The pressure is on her. And Hasbro is basically under the gun because of the financial situation that bronies have put them in.
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