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What if the Princess of the Sun’s younger sister wasn’t the Princess of the Moon, but rather the Princess of Rain - or even the Storm Princess?

If you want to keep the sisters equal, it would be a major demotion for both. Turning the sisters into the figureheads of weather instead of celestial bodies.
As for their storyline, the jealousy path remains open. Luna (Cyclona?) would still get the snub as few ponies would appreciate the rain and storms as much as a nice sunny day.

Anything geologic related is out, the timeline for geology is too slow for opposites like land vs sea or mountains vs plains; while other geology opposites like rainforest vs desert or polar vs tropical have heavy outside influences.
The best earth pony figureheads would probably be directly relationship based. Type A personality vs Type B personality. Fun vs Work. Structure vs Chaos. The challenge here is finding cute names for the representative characters and not being too heavy-handed with the symbolism.

Not a new one, just filling in the gaps of the current one.  
If Cadence is Love, then is Chrysalis hate?  
If Tirek is Greed, then does Rarity have to ascend to be generosity?  
If Sombra is slavery, then who represents freedom?  
And if Discord is chaos, who represents order?
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For Cadence, love is something to give. For Chrysalis, something to take.
Discord contrasts ponykind as a whole. There’s the obvious contrast of “Harmony vs Chaos”, but it runs deeper than that. Discord changes the environment to suit his needs, just like the ponies. He’s also a ruler made up of different creatures, just like the alicorns.
Tirek is a demon out to acquire the power of The Gods.
And Sombra is just happy to be here.
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I think I’ve said it somewhere on this site before but Cadence and Twilight compliment each other well if you’re familiar with the four loves. Cadence represents romantic and familial love. Twilight represents love for your friends and for humanity (“a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet” and all that jazz).  
As for Celestia and Luna, there’s a bit of a “God and Lucifer” dynamic, what with the whole “fallen” thing. Given that Luna was eventually given dominion over dreams and bat ponies making an appearance, I think if that was part of her character from the start we’d have a completely different story. Probably something closer to a civil war than just a fall from grace.
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I always wondered what combining 2 ponies teaits like personalities and traits would be like?  
For instance Twilight and AJ. A reclusive nerdy farmer who likes to read agricultural books and work alone but not interact with other villagers.
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