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Among the older fans? Yes.
For people in the 18-25 range when the show was getting started, questions like “Who am I and what do I do with my life?” would really resonate. The show itself felt like a spiritual successor to Cartoon Network shows.
The perception that “girly == dumb” that the show was made to counter has been thoroughly shattered.
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Which is funny since that was 2010, the same year when Cartoon Network would experience a second gold age with its shows like Adventure Time and Regular Show and eventually The Amazing World Of Gumball and Steven Universe which put the network back on people’s good graces.

Yeah, that was when there was a abundance of cool cartoons and the fandoms of them greatly had adults fans as well who were tuning in to watch them. Sigh I missed the 2010’s.
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I just watched, Green Isn’t Your Color. I really loved the episode. Rarity in someway was at fault for pushing Fluttershy into this thing. But I’m glad that Rarity and Fluttershy understood each other in the end. It’s a very funny and good episode. And it had a good moral.
I won’t lie though. Pinkie Pie was a bit annoying sometimes😡. Especially when she would rather have Twiligh obey some arbitrary promise than to save Fluttershy from having a miserable life. Though to be fair, Twilight was kind of a coward for not standing up to Pinkie Pie. I wish Pinkie Pie got some come uppance there.
But very good relatable episode. I can see why people love Season 1 so much.
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Pinkie Pie being annoying and receiving no punishment or retribution for her actions! nooo, that would never happen /S  
Been a while since I saw the episode. Might have to watch it again.
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