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I’m not sure if I like Pinkie Swarm the most. I feel like Pinkie was kind of at fault for not trying to explain herself better. I mean she was eating those cakes for Celestia, she didn’t give any indication she was taking things seriously. She wasn’t doing herself any favors.
Though I will admit the rest of the Mane Six probably should have at least wondered if Pinkie had a point they just weren’t understanding and ask her to be specific. So it was kind of their fault too in a way.
I think both parties should have learned a lesson. For Pinkie Pie it should have been a lesson on trying to get people to understand, believe me I know where she’s coming from, sometimes you don’t communicate correctly. But it’s something that’s very valuble in society.
I got to admit I think Season 1 Pinkie Pie was not handled the best. I wish her friends were both more assertive but also more understanding. I feel like they treat her like a child who can’t be corrected. She’s still an adult! She should neither be given a free pass for not explaining correctly nor ignored outright.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

I have a soft spot for “Scrapper Belle.” There’s something appealing about that, the thought of her being kinda fierce; the mane probably helps.
(also what do you call that thing wrapped around her foreleg, is it an armband, or something else?)
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@Background Pony #133E  
1.Maud Pie  
2.Apple Bloom  
4.Sonata Dusk  
5.Tree Hugger  
7.Queen Chrysalis  
10.Silver Spoon
The mane six and Starlight are left out due to them having a greater volume of screentime,thus giving them an unfair advantage.
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I’ve heard a few people compare Spike to Scrappy-Doo. If you know about Scrappy-Doo, that’s not a good thing, as Scrappy-Doo is pretty much universally disliked.
What do you think? Is he as bad as Scrappy?

@Background Pony #133E  
Every episode w/ Scrappy I wished for the ghost/monster/alien to be real for once and put an end to that useless, annoying, animated abomination!
Spike is not Scrappy. Spike was a means to have Twi voice her thoughts, he played a necessary role in some episodes, and his sole purpose wasn’t to spout some irritating catchphrase. Spike was also a character that boys in the targeted age demographic could relate to (I know of at least one personally) and thus watch the show for him the same way Kato (Bruce Lee) was favored over the star in the old TV show “The Green Hornet”
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