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Stupid stuff that comes to mind that we want to post (pony version)

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Rarity was always very open minded despite appearances. She doesn’t like getting dirty but other than that she never really minded most of the source of a beautiful idea.
@Dirty Bit
She was always rather versatile. Fashionista, businessmare, martial artist, can still use magic laser, ambassador and a great artist. And as Sparkle Seven goes, she’s only below Twilight when it comes to scheming strategies (granted it’s clear the Mane 6 are fairly screwed at strategy and scheming without Twilight, but honestly if weren’t for notable shortcomings Rarity’s plan was fairly decent.)
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I mean the ninth episode of Season 2, Sweet and Elite.
You know, like where Rarity was chatting with Jet Set and Upper Crust amicably before doing the same with Hayseed Turnip Truck. Also, when she veered between Fancy Pants’ social gathering and Twilight’s birthday party.
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I think it kind of makes sense up with her background. She has fairly unsophistocated parents and grew up in a village probably with ponies like Hayseed and Applejack. So I assume even if she was very different from them, they are the ponies she grew up with and knew intimately.
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I'm Inevitable
A question I’ve been asking myself on and off in terms of mlp lore is: is it possible for a changeling reformed or otherwise to have a locked in place gender identity? logic says no but I wonder if there might be a logical reason why one might? best I’ve got is that changelings have a degree of hard to change attributes so they don’t spin off into becoming everything and thus nothing.
but I’m curious what everyone’s thoughts on my esoteric ramblings about pertaining to bugpones.
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