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Hmm...maybe more like he comes to "rescue" her from being, like, a pony captive or something (probably took her as a hostage to get to him, the cowards) and when he accidentally bursts in on her having secret cute time, he figures they must be brainwashing her with wierd pony magic or something. And in the end she has to admit to actually liking that sort of thing (out loud in front of the whole School, of course), and is really nevous he'll either think she's still brainwashed or reject her... but he actually takes it surprisingly well. And she makes him apologise to Spike (who he'd accused of trying to turn her into a "pony princess dragon" so he could, like, marry her or something) and to all the ponies, and in return it's agreed that Dragonlord Ember never needs to hear of any of this.

Or, y'know, sonething like that.
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