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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Garble's status quo was doing just fine, as a moronic sociopath that couldn't really get anywhere in life. He was a character that Spike didn't question whatsoever the likelihood of Twilight's fantasy scenario involving him "trying to jump into lava holding Starlight":/images/1448873, only her _supposed_ inability to handle the hypothetical situation.


...also now that I think about it, I'd be inclined to think the reason that Freeze/paralysis spells are so rarely used in fights unless the opponent is caught completely off-guard like "Twilight vs Starlight round 1":/images/864901 (note how Rainbow Dash "entered the exact same pose": in the season finale, or how the remaining five couldn't move when she removed their marks) is because it's rather easy to have passively counterspelled (like how Cadance had a passive magic health bubble in S4 that protected her and Twilight from getting sick) to prevent it from working at all if you know or suspect it's a tool at their disposal. It would probably serve well to explain it beyond "they didn't think of it/didn't focus on it."

Likewise, if one knows how it works (which would probably be easy for Twilight, considering her signature ability), it's perhaps plausible that you can passively counterspell Starlight's Unmark spell if you know how it works, if you casted it in preparation. (and before you mention A Royal Problem for proof against it being possible/possibly figured out, one, they were caught off-guard/not expecting it, two, _switching_ marks for a day is a different thing, and she claimed she couldn't undo it, and three, Celestia and Luna were working with different sets of magic than normal, for why they didn't undo)
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