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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

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TLDR there is a real life beer brand called "Kirin Beer", and someone made an image going "lol the beer is actually kirin piss" and it sort of steamrolled from there.

Huh, interesting. Today I learned something.

And speaking of Spike and Twilight, here's another thing that's been on my mind for a while: "Dragon Quest" established that ponies at the time knew next to nothing about dragons. So how, then, did they know that Spike's egg was ready to hatch? How did they know that Twilight would end up with a cute and marketable baby dragon as opposed to a dragon abortion?

Dragon Quest really didn't do the dragon lore any favors. For one thing, you had some… subpar dragon designs (why would one have hair covering their eyes?), and it didn't seem to really acknowledge greed growth (which is something offhandedly mentioned like once after way later, in Molt Down; never factored into the plot again).
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This is why I wish we got an actual spike’s origin ep instesd of that godforsaken piece of flaming garbage Sludge episode.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Twilight and Spike has always been one of my favorite dynamics in the show, but it's never really gotten the focus its deserved. It's definitely needed more Owl's Well-like episodes. Incidentally, the show passed this opportunity up by not doing an episode about Spike's brief time with PeeWee up until he returned him to his family. This could have EASILY made for some terrific development for Spike and Twilight and continued to explore their family bond which Dragon Quest already set up as Spike decides that now that he knows where he belongs, he comes to the conclusion that PeeWee belongs with his own family as well.

This will always be one of my most annoying missed opportunities of the show. A terrific potential episode was right IN THEIR FUCKING LAPS and they didn't make it happen.

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I agree only as much as I think it might have been better if Sludge was Spike's real father. But I do wish we'd at least got some answer about his egg…

…because this.

You'd have to delibrately do it as a flashback or something though, since that whole thing was an animation level patch.

Or just preffered to leave it broadly applicable.

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*They should have let Spike keep peewee and Twilight keep Owoliscious. And if they were going to get rid of them, they should have made a story about it instead of just doing it off-screen though throwaway lines.
*Sludge IS Spike's real father, he just denied it at the end of the episode so he could avoid taking responsibility.
*Sci-Twi is probably underweight, while pony Twilight is probably overweight
*Cloudsdale really does have nice trees
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition


I don't think we ever had an explanation in the slightest for why Owlowiscious (that's so annoying to remember how to spell, which petty as it may be is part of why I never cared for him) never appeared after S5. He just inexplicably never appeared again.

Er, Twilight never dropped Owlisicous. They just kind of… stopped showing him. (As for Peewee, like I said, that was almost accidental.)

I dunno…his story seemed really implausible and made up.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition


Including, for one thing, knowing "his" child was male before the egg hatched, and how that egg couldn't have possibly gotten to Equestria with that story, and him being heavily implied to use the fact that they've been to Klugetown to make up a location beyond that (he was surprised by them having been there).

…also he seemed to panic upon Spike asking why he was an orphaned egg, as if he didn't actually have an answer/story ready.

In fact how could a dragon be sure it's their child, if they weren't there for their eggs hatching?
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition


There's no evidence of them having access to such a specific thing (it's not like there's an abundance of unicorns to do the job, with that state of dragon affairs where their contact with ponies is limited, and dragonfire is dragonfire, magical or not), and if there was, he would've easily hand-waved it as such to patch the holes in the story.

Sludge: Locked up somewhere not even the Princess of Friendship has heard of.
Spike: Whoa… How did you know I was a boy?
Fluttershy: Whatever happened to Spike's mom?
Rainbow Dash: And how did the egg make it all the way back to Equestria by itself?
Pinkie Pie: Hmm?
Sludge: I wish I had all the answers. [crying]

All he could do was dodge the questions, because he couldn't satisfactorily answer even one of them.
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I always thought Princess Luna was way overrhyped in the first two seasons. She only appeared in like 5 of them. 2 she was evil in, the forth and fifth she just cameo’d for a few seconds in. It was only the third ep she was in (the nightmare night ep) she got any characterization.

And yet everyone went crazy over her. Maybe it was the relatively blank canvas she was that fans got to color in with whatever they wanted. Woona, gamer luna, party animal Luna, over the top sexual Luna etc. Looking back, all of them seemed like really just fan imaginings of what Luna’s personality was really like.


All he could do was dodge the questions, because he couldn't satisfactorily answer even one of them.

Plus he didn't even start trying to pass himself off as Spike's father until he was about to leave and Spike mentioned being an orphan.

And I thought that was kind of the point there — that Spike was so excited to meet a biological relative of his that he couldn't be bothered to do any sort of critical thinking.
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- Spike is the only dragon we've seen whose fire does more than destroy or hatch eggs, which is where I think Twilight's magical influence comes from.
- Some theorize Twilight wasn't suppose to hatch the egg. She Kirk'd the test.
- Sludge was an ass and the episode was predictable but it wasn't bed per say. It just didn't leave much of an impact on the series.
- Luna had a cool design and sympathetic origin. I'm not surprised the fandom latched onto her so hard.
- Trixie was bombastic and talks in the third person. People love a showman.
- Do dragons actually know if the kids share DNA or do they just grab a new born and call dibs?
- Owloysius (seriously, screw that name) just stopped showing up and I didn't notice. Not sure if that's a reflection on me or the show.
- I can believe that Twilight eats more often than Sci-Twi. Sci-Twi seems like the type to forget to do that every now and again.
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