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Hmm…maybe more like he comes to "rescue" her from being, like, a pony captive or something (probably took her as a hostage to get to him, the cowards) and when he accidentally bursts in on her having secret cute time, he figures they must be brainwashing her with wierd pony magic or something. And in the end she has to admit to actually liking that sort of thing (out loud in front of the whole School, of course), and is really nevous he'll either think she's still brainwashed or reject her… but he actually takes it surprisingly well. And she makes him apologise to Spike (who he'd accused of trying to turn her into a "pony princess dragon" so he could, like, marry her or something) and to all the ponies, and in return it's agreed that Dragonlord Ember never needs to hear of any of this.

Or, y'know, sonething like that.
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I was thinking spike could challenge garble to come to ponyville to see that pony stuff isn't as lame as he thinks it is, baiting him into accepting the challenge saying,"he wouldn't be able to handle it" and spike showing him around ponyville and introducing him to various pony things; garble making fun of them and being a jerk to spike as usual and the ponies he interactives with; leading spike to think it was a bad idea to bring garble to ponyville in the first place and thinking that he would actually stop being a jerk to him if he saw what pony stuff was like firsthand but what spike doesn't know is that garble had taken a interest in beat poetry and garble having to hide it from the other dragons so they wouldn't laugh and make fun of him which ties into your idea with smoulder by her telling him her secret and him telling his and this episodes later leading to the "dragon eggs" episode the same stuff happens in the episode but now garble's redemption has weight to it instead of being lame and unnecessary.
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Howdy from Shimmer Pope
Did Garble really need a redemption, though? Besides Dragon Quest and Gauntlet of Fire we never really saw him. Hell, Gilda being Dash's former friend gave more weight to her being redeemed. And she was in one episode. I think hinting at the possibility might have been the better route, looking back. You wouldn't even need Spike or Smoulder to do it. Have Ember struggle with a leadership decision, the other dragons be resistant to her and Garble telling them off. He's not redeemed but he's not a total ass anymore, either.

@Brass Beau

- Some theorize Twilight wasn't suppose to hatch the egg. She Kirk'd the test.

Interesting. That actually makes a certain amount of sense in light of how little ponies knew about dragons at the time.

Though it could just as easily have been a sword-in-the-stone kind of deal — they offered the egg to each applicant in turn, with the one to finally hatch it (which wound up being Twilight) getting to be the next princess in the making.

Either way, it also introduces a certain amount of fridge horror. If Spike had wound up stillborn from having a bunch of random kids spew magic at the egg instead of it being incubated properly, it would not bode well for any attempts at peaceful coexistence between ponies and dragons.
Brass Beau

Howdy from Shimmer Pope
Assuming that
1) the dragons knew about the egg
2) the dragons were okay with the egg being in Equestria
3) they didn't know about what was happening to the egg
4) they cared about the dragon inside

From what we know about dragons, I'm pretty sure all four of those aren't being met.
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Does anyone think that Starlight Glimmer was more powerful in Season 5 compared to the other seasons? I believe the season she has gained power the most is Season 5.
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Garble's status quo was doing just fine, as a moronic sociopath that couldn't really get anywhere in life. He was a character that Spike didn't question whatsoever the likelihood of Twilight's fantasy scenario involving him trying to jump into lava holding Starlight, only her supposed inability to handle the hypothetical situation.

…also now that I think about it, I'd be inclined to think the reason that Freeze/paralysis spells are so rarely used in fights unless the opponent is caught completely off-guard like Twilight vs Starlight round 1 (note how Rainbow Dash entered the exact same pose in the season finale, or how the remaining five couldn't move when she removed their marks) is because it's rather easy to have passively counterspelled (like how Cadance had a passive magic health bubble in S4 that protected her and Twilight from getting sick) to prevent it from working at all if you know or suspect it's a tool at their disposal. It would probably serve well to explain it beyond "they didn't think of it/didn't focus on it."

Likewise, if one knows how it works (which would probably be easy for Twilight, considering her signature ability), it's perhaps plausible that you can passively counterspell Starlight's Unmark spell if you know how it works, if you casted it in preparation. (and before you mention A Royal Problem for proof against it being possible/possibly figured out, one, they were caught off-guard/not expecting it, two, switching marks for a day is a different thing, and she claimed she couldn't undo it, and three, Celestia and Luna were working with different sets of magic than normal, for why they didn't undo)

Not committed to this, but… might the movie had been a bit more solid if they had just filled up most of the demand for a all-star cast by recasting the Manes?
Brass Beau

Howdy from Shimmer Pope
Probably would have upset the kids if "the ponies don't sound right" so new characters were what they landed on. They could have gotten away with just Tempest and the Storm King, I think. Hell, make Tempest a yeti (or whatever the Storm King is) and give her an non-evil sister (we make them Storm Princesses) and the movie really tightens up. But that's just an idea.

@Brass Beau
But that's just it — by Conventional Marketing Wisdom, they needed at least half a dozen minor celebs in the film, and if the actual protagonists are all TV actresses, then that means new roles.

Your ideas for rearranging the villains are interesting, but I think pony Tempest works better.

@Brass Beau
I just saw one suggestion in a thread I started on Fimfiction that you could maybe ditch the Storm King and make the movie about averting and Equestrian/Seaquestrian war after Tempest steals the Pearl.
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From a story point, I get why storm king is important but he does serve as a motivator for Tempest. Like, what need would she have to steal the orb or pit the ponies and seaponies against one another. Without her serving storm king so he fixes her horn, I don’t see why she’d do much of anything besides finding someone to fix her horn.
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Friendship is Witchcraft is overhated. Maybe it's not the best comedy in the world, but I found its quirky strange humor to be an asset not a disadvantage. (Yes I love jokes like "Watch how far I can slide" or "the subplot of Lord Smooze). I just found it kind of interesting. I also find it strange how some youtubers say it uses cliche concepts like Fluttershy being evil even though FIW came out in late 2011, so it still was new, and unlike SHED.MOV, Fluttershy to me managed to be both cute and psycho and she was actually a very interesting villian to me.

I feel like on Youtube everyone dunks on this show but I personally love it.

(And as a sidenote, I love how unlike many abridged series most of the characters are female voiced and by one person!)
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