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Unpopular opinion time

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Come on. Just because you hate that ship doesn’t mean everyone else has to. If you hate it so much, you should just filter it. You can’t just dictate who to ship with who and who not to. Nobody likes thought police.
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I didn’t care about the ship, but I would have liked to have an actual resolution to it; whether it’s them getting together, may get together in the future, or just confirming that no they will never get together.
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Pipp has flaws, but, with the exception of one dumb episode, I don’t think it conflicted with the motivations of the character. It doesn’t feel out of character.
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Critical Realization God, I’m an idiot.
Anyway, while we’re on the subject of G5, Twilight’s cameo in MYM feels kinda weird to me because it implies that between the events of The Last Problem an its future ending scene, everyone in Equestria suddenly turned CGI before turning back into 2D vectors. Anyone else feel the same way?
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Jazz’s runaway ears
I’m gonna say it:
I think Jazz is a cutie. I like her colour palette, her voice and such. Her name may be kinda silly. But it really fits at the same time.
I don’t care how much hate she receives. Sure she’s not the best character, and i do prefer her in the MYM universe rather than the TYT one. But she’s still decent
Also, Rocky is such a cute stallion and I like his colour pallete
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All the ways in which they’ve attempted to make G5 share continuity with G4 feel totally hamfisted. It’s abundantly clear that they just don’t belong together.
Do you ship her with Pipp? I totally do.
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Guess this is the perfect time to chime in with my unpopular opinion that I also do not care about ships. Actually, among casual fans, I don’t think that’s exactly unpopular, but it’s pretty crazy how serious a lot of the brony fandom takes shipping.
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I think Spike x Rarity was a terrible ship and we should all be ashamed of it.
I second this, mainly because the age/maturity differences between Spike and Rarity. I always considered it a ship to nowhere, even back when I joined the fandom a gazillion internet years ago. Like the only ship that I ever really gave credence to (even back then) was the one the showrunners ironically made canon: Lyrabon.
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I only ship a little nowadays.
Honestly they don’t have as much interaction as one might think in the show.
I always have felt like it can work if Spike and Rarity simply became completely platonic friends and when they grow up it tranaforms into somwthing more.
Regardless of ships, I kind of wish Spike and Rarity had more moments as genuine friends. I love how they interacted in the Molt Down episode with Spike.
I also wish there were episodes were Rarity was a good role model for Spike, like teaching him about cons or maybe about good manners
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