Talk to Twilight Tragedy

Background Pony #EFE2
Discord: Very interesting. I didn’t know jewelry could have emotions.
Hey crown lemme hug you do you feel sad at your fate?!
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@Background Pony #EFE2
Element of Magic:being hugged I’m so sad now.
Discord stopped hugging the crown.
Treelight Sparkle:The crown can talk? Okay…?
Element of Magic:look at Twilight sobbing Um, Starlight?
Starlight Glimmer:Yes?
Element of Magic:Use your magic to make twilight tragedy not to cry.
Starlight Glimmer:Oh! okay!
Starlight use magic to make twilight not to cry.
Twilight Tragedy:stopped sobbing
Element of Magic:You.
Twilight Tragedy:look at her crown M-me?
Element of Magic:Put me at the top of your head.
Twilight Tragedy:…
Element of Magic:Come on, Twilight. Put me on your forehead!
Twilight Tragedy:sigh
Twilight Tragedy put her crown on her forehead. Twilight feel so sad when she put her crown on her forehead.
Element of Magic:So, How do you feel? The princess of sadness, or The princess of loneliness? you’re alone at your castle for a long time.
Background Pony #EFE2
Twilight: Y y y yes! Wahhhhh!
Starlight: What are you Mr. Magic? Did you make her grey in the first place?!
Celestia: Answer now!
Background Pony #EFE2
Starlight: What? Oh who am I kidding it’s just normal to be surprised.
Celestia: Somehow I had a feeling. So care to explain Twilight Tragedy? Hmmmm? Is this a secret you were hiding? Were you trying to get us to accuse the tree of tuening you this way?
Background Pony #EFE2
Celestia: I I I’m sorry. Twilight Tragedy I overreacted. I was a little intimidated by all the craziness happening
Here have this frowny face I made for you on this picture.
Background Pony #EFE2
Celestia takes off the Element of Magic.
Cadance: I hope you are doing fine Mr Crown.
Celestia: So did you learn anything today Twilight. Or maybe we should go back home for now.
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