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I wanna go to Equestria
If a pic has the "solo" tag, it should **never** contain more than one character tag. When I search for "pinkie pie, solo" I do not want to see THIS in the results
This happens so goddamn frequently. I swear there's an example in every single search for a major character and the solo tag. It makes it to where if you want to *genuinely* get a search with only pinkie pie, you *actually* have to search for:
`pinkie pie, -ts, -fs, -ry, -rd, -aj, -sg, -tia, -luna, -etc etc etc`

Fixing this retroactively would be fairly time consuming I know (but would be deeply appreciated), but you could at the very least prevent it from ever happening again with relative ease: The site already sorts character tags into their own category, so simply implement a check that if someone tries to upload something with two or more character tags *and* the "solo" tag, return an error.
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