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I wanna go to Equestria
Bringing this back because it just came up again in a pic that I created and uploaded myself >>3248934 (and because y'all just ignored my perfectly reasonable counterarguments)

I propose "solo focus" and the tagging practice surrounding it is utterly stupid and useless and should be abolished, to be replaced with simply "solo" and the name of the pony who is the focus, without tagging the barely-visible ponies at all. To quote my own comment:

> Seriously, actually think for one second about what it would be like searching for those terms and tell me it would ever be of any use. Hell you can try it yourself: searching for `sunny starscout, solo focus` returns *so many pics* that are NOT focused on Sunny, and `zipp storm, solo focus` will still return this pic because there is no possible way to indicate WHO is the solo focus. But if you tagged it the way *I* wanted to, it would actually fucking show up when someone searches `sunny starscout, solo` and NOT `zipp storm, solo` which is ACTUALLY*actually USEFULuseful*.
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