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toola roola(no dash) and toola-roola(with dash) are very similar and seem to get mixed up. supposedly, toola roola with no dash is g4 toola, and toola-roola with a dash is g3 toola, but there’s no indication in the tags themselves which is which, and they seem to be mixed up a lot
these tags should perhaps be renamed into toola-roola (g3) and toola-roola (g4)?
the name “toola-roola” was also used twice in g3, for two separate ponies. one was vaguely irish and starred in a picture book, and the other used g3 rarity’s colors as part of a redesign for the core 7 era.
should these also be split into ‘toola-roola (g3)’ (first version) and ‘toola-roola ii’ (second version), akin to how snow’el and snow’el ii work?
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hope this is allowed, but i’m bumping some characters that still need tagging that seemed to be missed.
I’ll go back and set them, but if you want to repost in the meantime, that’s fine.
baby toe dancer (Toy) [Should imply g1.]
Just one, realized rainbow curl stripes is actually stripes (g1), whoops.
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Gardenia Glow’s tag should imply g4 not g3
And lastly Rainbow Swirl, Waterfire, Pick-a-lily, Periwinkle, Kiwi Tart and Dainty Daisy all should have tags with (G4) at the end
Feel the need to draw these to attention (edits probs weren’t seen after coconut creams tag changing was done)
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