'kirin (non-hybrid)' + related tags rename, unalias, merge

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dracony: pony-dragon hybrids  
kirin (non-hybrid): Chinese mythical creature, originally its own entity (hence ‘non-hybrid’). Not all kirin are draconies and not all draconies are kirin, however some characters may be both kirin and dracony. Hence I suggest following:
  • unalias “kirin” and “qilin” from “dracony”  
  • rename “kirin (non-hybrid)” -> “kirin”, or “qilin”  
  • alias “kirin”/“qilin” accordingly  
  • add dictionary entry for “kirin”/“qilin”: _Creature of Chinese legend, with varying degrees of dragon, deer, and pony characteristics, including scales, wings, antlers, lion-like tail, cloven hooves, and dorsal mane. May also be a dracony
  • kirindos seems to be a one-user synonym for “kirin (non-hybrid)”, and should be aliased accordingly
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