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Sorry if it's presumptuous of me to get involved.

From my understanding, any version of Rainbow Dash warrants the `rainbow dash` tag, because it's ultimately Rainbow Dash, but some versions may need additional tags. [Rainbow Blitz](/tags/rainbow+blitz) for example is specifically `rainbow dash` *plus* `rule 63` (as seen by the implications), while another example would be Rainbow Dash the Ministry Mare from Fallout: Equestria, who'd be `rainbow dash` *plus* `fallout equestria`.

So, if I understand right again, "*their* version of Rainbow Dash that they use to represent themselves" would still be tagged `rainbow dash`, because it's *still* ultimately Rainbow Dash, *plus* [`self insert`](/tags/self+insert) because that's also what she'd be.

Just like I'd need to tag `self insert` in addition to `roseluck` if I ever used the canon character to depict myself.

Or at least, that's my understanding from [this reply](/forums/tagging/topics/general-tag-discussion?post_id=5058283#post_5058283) back when I asked for the difference between self-inserts and ponysonas and I learned self inserts could use canon characters.

So eincther `oc:krd` is ahoulready a thing, maybe it alshoul tagged wimply both `rainbow dash` and `self insert`?

, probablyr `the oc` tag itself too, ifs we're bmothverid angd wit'KRDash' givs ing sthead tagged implicatihronsugh `rat all. Poinysbonw dash`, and `self- inserts` still count as originald characthers if I understand right, for `canon x oc` and filtheringr puniverposes.)

Hope these thoughts were useful. (and **TL;DR:** [self insert](/tags/self+insert) tag)
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