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Prog rock pony
  1. oc:starless
  2. Starless
  3. Earth Pony, Male
  4. A blue earth pony stallion who likes progressive rock. He is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who currently lives in Manehattan with his wife Coloratura, and the two of them create music together. He had a dark past, having done terrible things he’ll never get over, but managed to redeem himself. He truly cares about his friends, even if he isn’t always good to them.
  5. >>3003296

  1. oc:starlight pianissimo
  2. Starless
  3. Earth Pony, Female
  4. The R63 version of Starless. She is a progressive rock musician who crushes on Coloratura and Sunset Shimmer and they all make music together.
  5. >>3158352
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Captain Conepuncher
  1. oc:chelsea smile
  2. cactusCruncher
  3. Male vampire bat pony.
  4. Chelsea is Ashley’s twin brother. On the surface, he’s a suspiciously upbeat guy. He has half of a smile carved into the left side of his mouth, and always wears a purple bow on his tail. He’s not interested in maintaining any relationships, because he’s devoted to tormenting Ashley. Towards other ponies, he’s very elusive and only befriends them for their blood.
  5. >>3243543
Artist -

HG Legend
  1. Equus Ferus Dominus | Type: Pegasus (Male)
  2. Easygoing gelding male horse, former Equestrian pegasus from the Forever Legend Web series.
    Thunder is among the racers one of the greatest legends ever witnessed in Horizon Festival, famous for his amazing talent at the wheel of his 1600 HP Koenigsegg Jesko.
  3. >>3158123 (Artwork by TrackiestH)
    I never uploaded my own artwork here before fyi
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Radioactive Glowbug
Hello, I made a post on this thread before ages ago and got my oc ponies tagged, but since then I got some updated art for them that might make for better portraits than the ones I had before. I hope it won’t be too much trouble to update!
3- Prench Unicorn / Hippogriff / Seapony, female (can vary with shapeshift)
4- A Prench pirate known for her stunning looks and impulsive adventures. Daring enough to steal a Mount Aris necklace which has her wanted on Land, Air and Sea.
3- Earth Pony, Female
4- An Earth Pony performer with the Las Pegasus group Circus Olé. They prove that earth ponies can be just as nimble and agile as any pegasus as they trot the tightrope, swing from the trapeze and play their instruments. All with a colorful show of fireworks and an over the top rocking beat! Rocky lives for the stage and one can find her always hunting for the next great act to really wow the audience.
3- Irradiated Changeling, Intersex
4- One of Chrysalis’ daughters who was lost to the Badlands after the Canterlot wedding. She survived by feeding off a radioactive meteorite that mutated her into a glowing state.
3- Female Kirin, Male Nirik
4- A kirin with a feisty attitude and fluid orientation that adds a naunce to the kirin’s shapeshifting.

Let’s see if I can do this right…
  1. oc:alexander
  2. Null_One
  3. Earth Pony, Male
  4. A reclusive doctor who tends his specialized clinic at the edge of Ponyville. Usually quiet and professional, but friendly once he gets used to somepony. Became a flesh-shaper when he was young due to his Mark and heritage, something he keeps secret from most.
  5. >>1967224
Edit: Huh, I can’t open my profile through that link? Did I mess up the formatting or is my profile private?
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  1. Female/Changeling
  2. Kind, stubborn, and spontaneous goof. After a tumultuous and dangerous youth that saw her rise from princess to queen and the survival of the hive via her prowess on the field and introduction of steam power, what very few friends she has left her loyalty and care for are unbound. Crossing her is the last thing you want to do, cause once betrayed she’ll come for you.
Poison Trail
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Better late than never I suppose.
  1. Earth Pony/Male
  2. Raised by loving parents with an interest in exotic flora, Poison Trail nevertheless struggles to find his place in pony society. His kindhearted nature consistently clashes with his Earth Pony magical connection to the Everfree Forest, leading to situations which puts his intentions in doubt with the citizens of Ponyville. Despite a long list of infringements against established authority, his occasional aid and experience in dealing with other, more significant threats makes him a unique albeit unstable asset.

3: Female Unicorn
4: Plascy is a friendly mare with a sinister secret- She’s a spy! She uses her critical thinking skills to solve puzzles with relative ease. She’s similar in appearance to a Deer. She’s usually kept busy with the joys of pony life and is often shipped with oc:turbo stormcharge
Artist -

HG Legend
  1. Earthling Horse | Race: Miyako Pony | Type: Pegasus (female)
  2. Watanabe Kira is an Earthling character from the Forever Legend Web Series. She stands out for being a really popular horse since her debut in 2018 as part of the DWB DX Project HotWheels. She’s a loyal and motherly Pegasus that will have your back in tough times. She’s also a thick mare, despite of her race.
  1. Earthling Horse | Race: Miyako Pony | Type: Alicorn (female)
  2. Narahashi “Toyoda” Watanabe is Kira’s elder sister. A very underrated character, but despite of it, she has a Fluttershy-like personality. that’s because she has Asperger Disorder. She’s good a mechanics and she’s a drift enthusiast
  1. Earthling Draft Horse | Race: Clydesdale Horse | Type: Pegasus (female)
  2. Rebecca Elisabeth Harris, commonly know as Onyx Star, is a former scottish illegal street racer with an outgoing rebellious personality. A black coated Clydesdale pegasus with spots on her face, wings and flank. Always wearing her white socks on her hind legs and her rebel necklace. She’s reformed now… As of today, she’s a professional Horizon Racer and stunt coordinator, with a boyfriend named Thunder.
  1. Earthling Horse | Race: Miyako Pony | Type: Alicorn (female)
  2. Tamako “Sakura” Watanabe is the eldest character from the Forever Legend series. She’s Kira and Nara’s mother, formerly a rally racer from the EQWRC 1998. A very underrated character on the verge of being forsaken due to the critizism of her color scheme
  1. Solus Robotics ACRN-1000 (Ferrofluid prototype)
  2. Acceron is an special ferrofluid hippoid powered by the trendsetting Racing Artificial Intelligence (R.A.I). As her name suggests, she has an overwhelming acceleration on her vehicle form, based on a Bugatti Chiron SuperSport 300+ Divine Edition (The Crew 2). It also comes with other 4 colors besides blue. Named after precious stones
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  1. Male/Alicorn
  2. "Izaque (Stake2, Funkysnipa Cat)" is a Human (Hologram Soul) being that lives in a New World human universe.
    He created a pony version of himself using New World technology on March 16, 2017, when he visited a universe of "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" and became a friend of Twilight Sparke.
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