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The Best Night Ever?
Yes, that was Princess Celestia she thought.
Even if the party ended with a wreck in the castle, did Celestia and her friends have the best night ever.
It was late at night, but the party went on till the morning light at the castle.
The ponies danced all night long, as a firework from Cloudsdale ended the party.
After the cleanup at the castle as the gala enderd, was the everyday returning for everypony until later.
Applejack she awoke the next day, as she had a nightmare who gave her a breakdown.
She visited Spike that day, and she told about the nightmare.
“That can’t be Discord?” was Princess Celestia asking as she saw the letter from Spike.
“Applejack was lost in a maze, and that’s how his nightmare ended” did Celestia say.
Rainbow Dash he had a nightmare too, as she made a letter too.
“I must save Cloudsdale no matter what!” was Princess Celestia saying by reading the letter from Rainbow Dash.
Princess Celestia she invited her friends up to her castle, as she thought they had a propechy together.
As both Applejack and Rainbow Dash had their breakdown earlier that day, was Princess Celestia taking them for a long walk that sunny day.
Princess Celestia she showed her friends around in the garden, where she told stories from her childhood at the castle.
The Ponies had saved the world from Discord, and there was a celebration for the heroes that day.
At night there was a gala again, and double as many guests showed up while the place looked like something from a New Years Eve party.
Pinkie Pie and her friends was DJ that night, as the party ended early in the morning.
Few days after, was Applejack and her friends visiting Appleloosa again.
Applejack showed her friends around in Appleloosa, while she told the history of Appleloosa.
The next day were they visting the buffalos, and Little Strongheart.
It was a vacation without tasks, until diamond robberies happened in Appleloosa.
“That can only be the Diamond Dogs again!” was Spike saying.
“I thought they would not return!” did Pinkie Pie say.
“Nobody messes with Appleloosa!” were Applejack saying.
Then they returned to Appleloosa, and both stores and homes was robbed for things like diamonds.
“There was not ony few dogs, but a lot!” was Braeburn saying to the heroes.
The ponies visited the bank, and they told that there was a flock of Diamond Dogs.
“They hide somewhere in a mine underground, but it’s huge!” were Brareburn telling his friends.
So that made Applejack and her friends gather all bisons and citizens of Appleloosa, and take the fight.
That next day, was Applejack and her army gathering, as an army of Diamond Dogs showed up in Appleloosa.
“Appleloosa will be ours!” did a Diamond Dog shout.
“Not yours!” was Applejack shouting.
“Prepare for battle!” did Rainbow Dash shout.
“Us too!” were the dogs shouting.
Then bisons, ponies and dogs clashed together.
Some fet in holes the dogs had digged, as Applejack and her friends was going to defend Appleloosa.
A dog had captured Little Strongheart, and Rainbow Dash had to do something.
“Let Little Strongheart go!” was Rainbow Dash shouting to the dog.
“Not until Applelooosa is ours!” were the dog shouting.
Then the leader of the buffalos knocked the dog out, and saved Little Strongheart.
“The leader is down! Retreat to the mines!” was a dog shouting.
Some of the dogs got hit by the ponies magic, as they tried to run away.
So later that evening, was Appleloosa having a party for the ponies.
That made the Diamond dogs find mines longer out in the west, and did not return to Appleloosa again.
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