A Part of me Wants to see You Again

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Applejack, Cherry Jubilee and Pinkie Pie were together in Pinkie Pie’s tent on a sunny summer afternoon before the Super Speedy. The tent is filled inside with balloons from Applejacks surprise party.
“I feel very bad about breaking the Pinkie promise!” Applejack said.
“That’s behind me! And you should be glad that you won some rodeo awards at least!” Pinkie Pie said to Applejack.
Later that sunny evening are Applejack and Pinkie Pie showing Cherry Jubilee around in Sweet Apple Acres.
“I was born and raised here and I tried to live in Manehattan, but I left the city behind and chose to live the remains of my life in Sweet Apple Acres!” Applejack said to Cherry Jubilee.
“So I heard from that you started with the rodeo as a filly!” Cherry Jubilee said.
“Yup! Me and my family took to the rodeo every year, and I was the filly star at that time!” Applejack said.
After Pinkie Pie had made a sleepover in the tent together with Applejack and Cherry Jubilee, are they going to sleep.
Flim and Flam met with Trixie after her show in Ponyville the next morning. Trixie talked with the brothers how it went with the cider.
“Silly ponies! Guess I have to do it all by myself one day!” Trixie said to the brothers.
“But you could not even defeat an Ursa Minor!” Flim and Flam said to Trixie.
“Yeah, but next year we three will show how it will work without that machine you have!” Trixie said to Flim and Flam.
The last summer days passed with Applejack helping Fluttershy, and they was busy with training the squirrels and birds with a show for the upcoming Grand Galopping Gala. Rainbow Dash was busy too while she showed her stunts to her friends on a lazy summer sunday.
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