"Ask the Mane 11" Coming in mid-January!

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EDIT: This is interactive! You can essentially help them change future events :) It’s not a Telltale game xD
The new series “Ask the Mane 11” is coming to Derpibooru and is going to be a Derpibooru Exclusive! The art will most likely consist of SJart117 (permission given) herself, however in the event she is unable to accept commissions at the time, until then I will gladly take offers for the next Asks (commissioning you) until SJart117 is available again :)
Here in the Ask the Mane 11 the questions will be a hard 90’s PG (when it actually meant something) and for anyone who grew up in the 90’s like me then you’ll know that this will be quite unrestricted. Not to mention since there are some positive aspects about today’s political correctness, that certain elements such as homosexuality and others beliefs/cultures represented in the style of MLP (so different of course, but a stand in for its real life parallels) can exist in these as well.
Parental guidance is advised for young children who somehow were to come across this. Please monitor your children the best way you can as the internet is known to have absolutely no known filters.
PLOT: The Asking series of “Ask the Mane 11” will be about the G5’s protagonists somehow ending up in the events near the end of Season 1 Episode 2 right up to the celebration of the Royal Sister’s uniting. When Celestia goes to speak to Twilight, the G5 heroes will come through a time portal seemingly exhausted as they lay on the floor in a cartoonist manner. This is when their first encounter of the Mane 6 will occur.
Here from then on the Mane 11 will mysteriously be able to hear and be able to answer the questions coming from you all.
Since this is time related, questions about the future can be asked! However, an onslaught of certain information, information in general excessive amounts, or strange questions will be filtered out by our Pink Friend.
We hope you enjoy asking the Mane 11 questions and remember; Love and Tolerate! :D
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