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Hi, I will post a non-dramatic post about my thoughts and logic behind the Flutterhitch shipping between Fluttershy from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and Hitch Trailblazer from My Little Pony A New Generation.
First I shall address the main issue which appears to be the biggest concern of the debate for and against it; there is yet to be enough content from Generation 5 in regards to how the Mane 5 are in their more personal lives and who their family ties are. Sure we have seen their personalities, but even Sunny Starscout’s personal life wasn’t much explored. For those who do not understand what I mean, if we compare the character development and history of G4, then it is not a very good contest and that is exactly everyone’s main concern.
We do not know much about Hitch Trailblazer other than his friendship with Sunny Starscout and how Sunny appears to have more than recently been going against his wishes for quite sometime, especially given the fact that he is a sheriff. To make matters more awkward, he has the distinct ability to draw the attention of animals towards him, implying some sort of relation with Fluttershy who is an animal caretaker.
This being said, there isn’t much crucial evidence against it either. You see, at the very end of the series of G4, the mane 6 appear to be well settled into their new lives and have unfortunately appeared to be middle aged when in most cases is not a healthy age to bare children. One could say the other children of the mane 6 were off screen, however if that was the case, then why would they show only Lil Cheese who was Pinkie Pie’s child? You could again make the other arguement that Shining Armor and Cadence’s other child did not make an appearance in the series so why would they? That is a good point, however it is questionable if the toy lines are Canon or not. Princess Skyla might have been early concept art for Flurry Heart.
Let’s imagine if Fluttershy did have a foal, would they eventually draw the line towards Hitch Trailblazer in their family bloodline? The joke of animals following other’s has been done in children’s cartoons all the time;
One of the gargoyles from The Hunchback of Notredame
Snow White
Little Mermaid
Doctor Dolittle
Eliza Thornberry from the Wild Thornberry’s
There are other examples, however the primary point I am trying to make is the fact that yes Hitch Trailblazer has an animal attraction (animals towards him platonically) does not necessarily make him related to Fluttershy. Unfortunately this means that Izzy Moonbow may not be directly related to Pinkie Pie either, though here lies another problem.
Assuming all the G5 group members have a relationship from the Mane Six, then if we try to be generous, how would it work?
Twilight Sparkle = Sunny Starscout
Rainbow Dash = Zippp Storm and Pipp Petals
Applejack = ???
Rarity = ???
Fluttershy = Hitch Trailblazer
Pinkie Pie = Izzy Moonbow
If the case for the G5 being descendants of the G4 cast then we could add Applejack’s relation to Pinkie Pie’s family from the show, however that leaves out Rarity. Could Rarity’s descendants have engaged in a relationship with Rainbow Dash’s descendants? This appears to be a stretch of logic, though then again the new generation has somehow erased all of Twilight’s progress and even pushed it back into the old times of Clover the Clever when the three species hated one another.
In the grand scheme of things we must make a lot of assumptions, however if the Knights of Harmony IDW comic has any say on canonicity, then what the head of the knights said to Twilight is true regarding how friendship made their empire fall and soon it will happen to Twilight as well, most likely resulting in what G5 is.
Back on topic, Hitch Trailblazer being Fluttershy’s descendant is not holding much weight as anyone can and has made assumptions about characters being related to one another such as Star Swirl the Bearded to Twilight Sparkle or recently Starlight Glimmer, however both were never confirmed. Also referring back to my argument of Fluttershy not seeming to settle down, I highly doubt Star Swirl had either, unless he was somehow like Stygian who made his bloodline connect with Shadowlock. Could this be the same with Fluttershy and Hitch Trailblazer?
If you had to twist my arm; I don’t know, but twist it further; no, I don’t think so. There simply isn’t enough evidence and I don’t mean in G5, I mean in G4. We don’t see Fluttershy with anycreature, unless it was with Discord? Though if that was the case, then their bloodline would look drastically different.
In the end, I have to stick to my guns. Spoiler due to the recent debate; in my comics they might not even hook up. Fluttershy will actually feel guilty about being attracted to Hitch Trailblazer from his appearance and will confess that to him before they potentially stop dating. It all depends on your guy’s questions.
And with that being said, I have one final thing to say; due to the comment in the last page (page 2); it is because of that question that Hitch Trailblazer was in that predicament.
I told you it was interactive~
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