Ask the Mane 11 (WARNING - G5 Show Spoilers) - Regarding Canon Episode 2

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So, I’m not against the idea, however without giving spoilers to my own story, it has conflicting information and plots that will not mesh with what is about to happen. So essentially “Ask the Mane 11” is following canon up until G5 Episode 1 and Maretime Bay Adventure.
I know originally that I said I would follow/fix continuity with it by blaming it on “time glitches”, however without giving away spoilers, with what they showed, it would completely destroy one of the major plot lines I have, so I have to cut it there. Opaline and Misty can be a thing since they already appeared in episode 1, however I simply can’t go back and edit my story simply to follow the canon plot.
Also yes, the story will still be interactive and may even change the Ask the Mane 11 plotline, but keep what I said in mind. The easiest way to understand this is pretend they went back in time after episode 1 and Maretime Bay Adventure, but before episode 2.
Sorry for any disappointed, it would just cause a major problem for me to keep shoving new stuff in.
I MIGHT put in new stuff if it’s interesting enough, but that is a big “MIGHT”.
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