Commission Request - Chronicles of Chevalia

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Zipp Storm mentioned once in the episode of MLP Make Your Mark “A Little Horse” about an expansive world in written works known as “The Chronicles of Chevalia”. It’s probably in reference to something else in real life, however I would like to give it a clean slate since it already has one.
I have some creative ideas on it already, but I need a hand writing it since my life
is hectic at the moment. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a whole actual story written out, but instead it could be a “story concept” commission.
Obviously the author will get the most credit, I just want this to be real. I feel as though we can break free from the MLP norm while still being connected to the community. Zipp even said it herself that it’s like a whole new world. That just excites me to my very core!
Don’t worry, I’m not asking for the entire thing xD just some ideas :)
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